Zoo Animals

The zoo is by far the easiest way to get close-up to exotic animals. Sure, you could spend $6,000 on an African safari and maybe get photos of an elephant which is 100 yards away. Or you could just go to the zoo, pay 20 bucks and about 5 times closer.


  • A camera with a long zoom.


  • A zoo


  • If it's a sunny day, postion yourself so there's sunlight on the animals faces, otherwise their faces will be shrowded in shadow.


  • Preferably a sunny day.


  • If available, shutter-priority mode at 1/500 or faster. This to eliminate motion blur. Animals tend to move a lot so you need a fast shutter speed to prevent blur.
  • Select continuous shooting mode a.k.a burst mode. Your camera will continue to take photos as long as you hold the shutter button down.


  • Take a lot of photos, planning to delete the vast majority of them later at your computer. It's normal to only keep 1 in 20.

Follow up shots

  • Take a variety of shots, including close ups of the aniamls face, the animal as a whole and the animal next to others.