Yes that's right take photos of yourself. This does have to be completely vain.

Self portraits let you honestly see how you look. Ever noticed how different you look in photos compared to when you look in the mirror? When you look in a mirror you see a flipped version of yourself from a fixed perspective. Photos allow you to candidly see yourself from all sides.

Spend an hour trying on all your different clothes to see how you really look. This will allow you to really see what works on your and what doesn't.

And of course, if you really are vain, then you'll just love doing this.


  • A tripod, or at least somewhere to rest the camera.


  • Rotate the camera 90 degrees, so the frame is higher than it is wide.


  • Activate the 10 second timer so you have time to get into position. Some cameras allow you to set a custom timer, such as 5 seconds, which you may find better. Some camera allow you to purcase a remote for you camera, which is even better.


  • The first few shots you take, your body probably won't be properly in the frame. Either reorient your camera, or stand to the left or the right so that you're properly in the frame next time.