Waterfalls are very pretty. With the right technique, you can make them even prettier, where they take on a silk-like quality.


  • A camera with shutter-priority mode.


  • A waterfall
  • Tree cover over the waterfall, or a neutral density filter


  • When composing your shot, don't feel like you have to get all of the waterfall in the shot. Waterfalls can be large and have weird, uneven light cast across them. They look fine if you cut them in half vertically.


  • Switch to shutter-priority mode at 1/10 or slower. This is usually possible if you're in a forest and trees are blocking lots of light. If there is no tree cover and it's a sunny day then it won't be possible, unless you have an SLR and a neutral-density filter to block light.

Follow up shots

  • Take a bunch of shoots using a different shutter speed for each. The slower the shutter speed, the silkier it looks - though you may actually prefer how it looks at a not-so-slow speed.