Professional Sports

Take photos of your favourite althetes performing for you.

When you capture them at the right moment they’ll either look like heros or like crazy people with strange facial expressions and limbs flailing everywhere.


  • A dSLR with a long zoom. Fast moving sports need a dSLR for their extremely fast focusing. Regular camera just don't cut it.


  • A sport game


  • Try and predict where the action is moving to, and aim your camera there and focus it before the action arrives.


  • Shutter-priority mode at 1/500 or faster. This to eliminate motion blur.
  • Set your camera to continuous focussing so that your subject will always be in focus.
  • Select continuous shooting mode a.k.a burst mode. Your camera will continue to take photos as long as you hold the shutter button down.


  • Get a seat as close to the field as possible
  • Take a lot of photos, planning to delete the vast majority of them later at your computer. It's normal to only keep 1 in 20.
  • Also take photos of other things, such as the crowd and the half time show