Night Portrait Blur

A single photo at two different speeds

Note: many cameras, including basic ones, have night-portrait scene mode which can be used instead of shutter-prioty + ?flash-mode?, though with less control.


  • A camera with shutter-priority mode
  • A camera with ?flash-mode?


  • Another person.
  • Artificial light sources behind your subject


  • Night time


  • Shutter-prioirty mode at 1/4 or slower. This creates motion blur. The slower the shutter speed the more blur you're get
  • Select ?flash-mode?. If you camera gives you the option, select 'flash-first, keep shutter open', rather that 'keep shutter open, flash-last', because 95% of the time it's easier to work with.


  • Position your subject so they're in front of the artificial light sources
  • If your light source moves, for instance they are cars, then hold the camera steady. If they don't, then take a photo and quickly pan your camera around.