Kids Sport

Your kids are only young once, so capture memories of them before they get older and hate you.


  • A dSLR with a long-range lens. dSLR's have much faster focussing speed than ordinary cameras, which is invaluable when shooting a fast moving kids sports game.


  • Shutter-priority mode at 1/500 or faster. This to eliminate motion blur. Different paced sports require different minimum shutter speeds.
  • Select continuous shooting mode a.k.a burst mode. Your camera will continue to take photos as long as you hold the shutter button down.
  • Set your camera to continuous focussing so that your subject will always be in focus.
  • If shooting indoors, use a very high ISO, or just enable auto ISO.


  • Take a lot of photos, planning to delete the vast majority of them later at your computer. It's normal to only keep 1 in 20.
  • Also take non-action photos, such as team talks, the crowd. your child lacing up their boots, etc.