Indoor Photos At Night Without A Flash

Photo taken with a flash can look harsh and awkward. With the right equipment, you can get much nicer looking night photos by not using the flash


  • Key thing is having the right equipment. In low light you want a fast lens and a big, modern sensor. Image stabilisation can also be very helpful, though doesn’t help with fast moving subjects, such as people who don;t sit still i.e. children.
  • Sensor technology is advancing all the time and allow you to use higher ISO settings than previously. Modern cameras are significantly better than older cameras for low-light photography.
  • The ideal camera is a dSLR because it has a large sensor. The ideal lense is one with a low F number, such as 1.8 which means it has a large opening to let in a lot of light at once. A fixed-zoon, 35mm 1.8 lens is very good for taking close-up indoor pictures of people.