House Interiors

Photos of house interiors for listing on real estate ads


  • A camera with a wide-angle lens. 18-55mm kit lens on dSLR's is generally OK, though a proper-wide angle lens such as a 10-20mm is usually better.

Time of day

  • golden_hour. This softer lights means that windows don't get overexposed and blown-out. That said, if the view from the windows is unattractive, you may wish to delibrately blow them out.


  • Remove unneccesasary clutter from the room. Lamps and cushions are good to keep, though remove any small nik-naks. If necessary, rearrange furniture to make the room look more open. You can spruce up room with attractive things like fruit bowls and flowers.
  • Turn on all the lights, including outdoor light, even if it's sunny outside. This will help create even lighting throughout the house.
  • Shoot from the corners of the room, this allows you to capture as much of the room as possible
  • Shoot from below eye-level. This makes the room look bigger and more appealing.
  • Ensure that you hold the camera level when you shoot, so that vertical lines are actually vertical. If you're very particular about it, then use a tripod. Most cameras allow you to put a grid on your screen which makes it easy to do this