Flying Person

People can fly


  • Another person.
  • A bed


  • Prefocus your camera by aiming it at the ground where you expect the action to be and half-pressing and holding the shutter-button so that it focuses but does not take a picture. This will allow you to instantly take a photo at the right moment when you fully press the button.


  • Activate the flash on your camera.


  • You're going to get the other person to take a flying leap on to the bed, so work out where they'll be jumping from and where you'll be standing. Stand in that position now.
  • Get the other person to take a flying dive on to the bed and shoot them.
  • You're unlikely to nail the shot the first time, so repeat the exercise until you get it. The other person will happily oblidge :-)

Follow up shots

  • If you like try shooting from a different perspective, such as croucing on the ground or standing on the bed