Dog Catching Frisbee

Happy dog :-)


  • A dog that likes to catch frisbees
  • A frisbee
  • Another person


  • A sunny day


  • Prefocus your camera by aiming it at the ground where you expect the action to be and half-pressing and holding the shutter-button so that it focuses but does not take a picture. This will allow you to instantly take a photo at the right moment when you fully press the button.


  • If available, shutter-priority mode at 1/500 or faster. This to eliminate motion blur.


  • Have the other person with the frisbee stand away from you
  • Position yourself so the background will be as simple and distraction free as possible. You want the focus of the image to be on the dog, not on everything else around it
  • Get the other person to throw the frisbee reasonably close to you, so that your camera is close to the dog when it catches it.