Creeping Mist

Use an ordinary shoreline to create etheral images from another world.


  • A dSLR.
  • A tripod, or at least somewhere to rest the camera.
  • You can purchase neutral-density filters which block out light allowing you to achieve proper exposure with an even longer shutter speed. This allows you to use this technique in a wider range of lighting conditions, even during the middle of the day with a dense enough filter.


  • A coastline with waves, or a river with significant water flow
  • Something that interacts with the ocean, such as rocks

Time of day

  • At sunrise or sunset.


  • Select shutter-priority mode and set shutter speed to as long as possible, while still keeping proper exposure. You're aiming for really long shutter speeds such as 10 seconds or more.


  • Setup the camera on a tripod, or put it on the ground.
  • Aim it where the water level quickly changes, for instance where waves flow in through a rock gulley