Buildings As A Whole

Make pictures of buildings come alive by paying close attention to light and perspective.


  • An interesting looking building which you find attractive. Commercial office blocks tend to be boring, while more historic buildings tend to be great.

Time of day

  • Any time during the day, though the two hours after sunrise or before sunset works best.


  • Sun off to your side so that you'll have side shadows, which create a sense of depth.
  • Be wary of buildings which are reflecting so much sunlight that they become glary to look at; buildings painted white are particularly prone to this.


  • Zoom-out your camera and work out how close you can stand from the building while still getting most or all of it in the frame. You generally want to shoot wide-angle shots because it's create far more dynamic and interesting looking shots than the somewhat sterile feeling you get with fully zoomed-in shots. It's also a far easier to get everything in the frame in focus when you're fully zoomed-out due to the way that lenses are built.
  • Walk around the building until you find a persepctive that feels right. Once you've found the persepctive, also try squatting down a bit and see if it feels better from a lower persepctive.
  • Once you've found your perspective, you may wish to zoom in a little bit to eliminate any distracting bits that won't add anything to the final picture, things such as cars on the road and bits of buildings that are next to one your photographing.

Follow up shots

  • Walk around your subject and see if you can find another good shot.