Building Portions

I'm pretty sure this is the best way to photograph buildings. Photos of buildings as a whole tends to be boring, also, they're difficulat to isolate. They end up with too many distractions around them such as other buildings, cars and people. When capturing sections you have far more control over the final picture.

Focusing on small sections of a building, allow you to create pictures with strong lines, shapes and patterns. It allows you to build easily build pictures at this abstract level. If you're photographing the entire building, you're merely taking a photo of a 'thing' which is nowhere near as powerful.

A camera with a long zoom is very helpful because it gives you the poke to reach up and properly frame your chosen building section. This isn't to say you must have a large zoom, often you don't. It's just nice to have that option available.


  • Any camera, though preferably one with a versatile zoom so that you have more options


  • An attractive looking building which has interesting bits on it


  • Good quality light that produces nice shadows which help create a sense of depth. A fine day with the sun low in the sky is ideal.


  • Find a section of the building which you find interesting and focus on that. For instance, you could look at a corner, door, window, roof or facade.
  • Reposition yourself until your perspective of the portion feels best
  • Zoom your camera in on that section, eliminating everything around it which doesn't add to the image

Follow up shots

  • (possibly move this line to 'psychology' section - applies to most scenarios) After you've taken your photo, walk around and find some more good sections.