Close up shots of animals that are hard to get close to


  • A camera, preferably with a long zoom.


  • Birds, which vary depending on where you are, for instance a city (pigeons), a stream (ducks), a coast line (seagulls), a forest (big rare birds)


  • Shutter-priority mode at 1/125 or faster. This to eliminate motion blur. If you're attempting to photograph birds in flight, set it very high, such as 1/2000.


  • Hunt around for some birds to photograph. Importantly, birds that are on the ground are significantly easier to photograph than birds in the air.
  • If it's a sunny day, ensure you're on the sunny side of the bird, otherwise the bird will be cast in shadow.
  • Zoom-in your camera so you can keep your distance as birds tend to fly away if you get too close to them. Some birds are more used to humans than others, which makes them far easier to photograph