Household appliances are designed for with two things in mind: a) to serve a function. b) to look attractive so we feel good about buying them. They make great photographic subjects.


  • A pretty looking appliance
  • A large window


  • A sunny day. OK if it's cloudy


  • Move your appliance so it's next to the window. This will give it nice, soft, directional light which produces lovely shadows and highlights.
  • Examine your appliance from different angles looking for attractive lines and shapes. Instead of looking at the appliance as a whole, look at individual portions such as a corner or a cluster of buttons.
  • When you've found a nice angle, rotate the appliance so the shadows and highlights fall in the most pleasing direction.
  • Zero in on the portion you selected by either moving your camera closer, or by using the zoom. Remove any distracting elements that don't directly contribute to the image.