Go airplane spotting for a while


  • A camera with a large zoom


  • An airport


  • A sunny day


  • If available, set your camera to continuous focussing so that your subject will always be in focus.


  • Go to a busy airport when there's lots of flights, such as 5.30pm on a weekday. Going when its busy means less waiting between flights and more chances to take good photos.
  • Notice which end of the runway the planes are using to land; all the planes will take off and land in the same direction depending what the wind is doing.
  • Position yourself at the end where the planes are landing. This end is better because the plans fly slower and at a angle.
  • Put yourself off to the side of the flight path so you get to see the sides of the planes. Make sure you’re on the sunny side of the plane, otherwise they'll be cast in shadows.
  • Zoom your camera in – while airplanes are big, they’re typically very far away.