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Te Papa, and a penguin herding fish

A couple of Te Papa shots taken on different occasions, one which I’ve turned into some abstract art which is something that I’ve been enjoying doing for a while now. Also a very rare sight, a penguin herding fish in Wellington harbour! I saw this one my lunch break on Wednesday.


I’ve started a new mini project where I’ll be taking photos of buildings around Wellington.

Today, one photo was taken before work, at lunch, and after work.

Parliament – Gold

Had sushi + miso soup for lunch. Then had a power nap (while sitting down) Vic uni by the railway station. Then popped over to parliament for a quick photo. Tried using ‘Neutral’ colours on my Canon to lower saturation/contrast blowout in harsh sunlight, it worked well very happy with results, will try using ongoing for a while. Converted to mono and toned in gold, which I really like.