ASCII Delimited text

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ASCII delimited text
The ASCII and Unicode character sets were designed to solve this problem by the provision of non-printing characters that can be used as delimiters. These are the range from ASCII 28 to 31.

ASCII # Unicode Name Common Name Usage
28 INFORMATION SEPARATOR FOUR file separator (FS) End of file. Or between a concatenation of what might otherwise be separate files.
29 INFORMATION SEPARATOR THREE group separator (GS) Between sections of data. Not needed in simple data files.
30 INFORMATION SEPARATOR TWO record separator (RS) End of a record or row.
31 INFORMATION SEPARATOR ONE unit separator (US) Between fields of a record, or members of a row.

The use of ASCII 31 Unit separator as a field separator and ASCII 30 Record separator solves the problem of both field and record delimiters that appear in a text data stream.[