Shelly Bay

Tried mounting my Dad’s old Nikon lens from the 80’s onto my digital body. Turns out it works great. It lacks auto-focus which isn’t nearly as bad as I expected since my camera gives an indication in the viewfinder if you’ve focused it properly or not. Manual focus forces you to slow down and think a bit more about the photo you’re about to take, which is a very good thing. It’s a really nice lens which gives photos a slightly different feel from my other mid range zoom. Ergonomically it’s great because its very small and light so matches up very well to my lightweight dSLR.

Once again, used landscape scene mode for everything, meaning all the setting generally hover around ISO-400, f11 and 1/400 in sunlight, which is pretty much ideal. I didn’t take a single blurry shot.

Oh yeah and the first image has nothing to do with Shelly Bay, its a leek which Kat grew 🙂