Parliament + waterfront

Took my new zoomy lens to parliament for a cheeky session before work and to the waterfront after work for a nice long one. Very impressed with the performance of this lens.

Everything was shot in landscape mode and I gave zero attention to my camera settings (a very good thing). Interestingly my camera jacks most shots up to ISO-400 with this lens (haven’t checked if it also does that with the regular lens), which is great because there’s zero quality difference between 100 and 400 on this camera in daylight hours and everything gets shot around 1/400 meaning sharp shots with image stabilisation turned off 🙂 Yesterday I was worried about getting sharp images, but all my testing was done in semi low light. In daylight it’s a total non-issue so I’m very happy 🙂

A few shots went a bit cartoonish with the use of landscape film which increases saturation and contrast, though overall I think it improves the good shots and ruins shots that were probably going to be crummy throw away losers anyway.