Botanic gardens

Made a fairly spontaneous trip to the Botanic Gardens on Friday with Kat and her mum. I’d been meaning to go back there for a while on a nice day, and me and Kat both had the day off and perfect weather it seemed like a good opportunity.

I’ve been looking to find a nice natural red to put on top of blue for ages, it’s something that you don’t actually see that much. It worked great.

This next shot was done in using live mode on my camera, which is a much easier way to do funny angled macro shots than trying to use the viewfinder. I’ve avoided using live view on the Nikon for a long time because it seems like there’s a huge shutter delay, but there really isn’t. As soon as you press the button a photo is taken at high speed, all the subsequent sounds don’t affect anything.

This is some weird sound sculpture

With this next shot I experimented with a few different f-values. Ended up with f/16 to incorporate lots of prickly bits, should have gone even higher. The shallow depth of field on dSLRs when doing macro is almost ridiculous so you really need to crank it up. Compact cameras are simply a lot better for this sort of thing.

So saying, the a low f-value worked really well for a different macro shot, here it’s only f/5.6. It good here because there’s a far less depth to capture.

Same flower, same f-value, different angle. Kat’s mum is dancing around in the background.

With this last shot I was attracted by the fluro green colour of the plant. I put a dark, dull plant behind it to help emphases the crazy greenness of it. Once again, I think the f-value (f/5.6) is wrong for this shot, something like f/11 would’ve been better to get most of the green plant in focus. Fortunately it doesn’t matter so much for this photo since the subject is the crazy colour, not the details of the plant.