You can’t beat Wellington on a good day

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away

Resumed taking Fridays off work, spent some time down at the waterfront taking photos. Also Got the first sunburn on the season :-/

Photos were taken with Nikon D3100 using standard film + default mono. The image quality from this camera + lens is crazy good.

Was really happy with the reflections I got here, gives a good sense of symmetry.

I’ve never noticed these barnacles before!

Have been meaning to photograph these trees for a while. Interestingly the B&W shoots came out far nicer. I think it’s because the interesting thing isn’t so much the green on blue (with lots of distracting colours from cars and buildings), but the fact there are these giant trees in the middle of town. With the second one I like how the tree is wrapped around the lamp post with wires coming out of it.