Lyall Bay

Re-mounted my new trucks (Paris 150mm) on to my longboard last night, this time using Nik’s little brown wheels which are like 65mm and no risers. Also replaces the stock barrel bushings with softer ones. Wow suddenly these trucks make sense, insanely turny 🙂

Was mad keen to have a ride after work so threw the longboard into the back of the car and took my LX3 as well. It was overcast so I’d be shooting black and white.

Went to Lyall Bay where there’s a nice, long, smooth boardwalk which is perfect for skating up and down with a board which is turny and er, maybe lacks stability ;o) Got in a lot of practice doing skogging (pushing with each foot alternating) and carving (turning hard left and right)

Oh yeah, photos 🙂