Sunny days

This first shot was taken of Houghton Bay while I was out for a skate Saturday. See if you can spot the plane.

Next two shots were taken today behind Wellington hospital. This first one attracted me because light was hitting the flat surfaced building at just the right angle to give in a nice glowing gradient.

This next one I liked for the ability to make a nice composition.

Used my Ixus 130 for all these shots. The first two shots were taken at -2/3 EV, the last one was taken at +0 EV which fried the specular highlights pretty bad. I made a another shot at -2/3 but messed up the perspective and had much less fried highlights, though was still a tad dark. Looking at this and looking at some old shots I still do think that -2/3 is the right setting to leave it on. Oh yeah and zero photoshop for all 3 shots, w00t 🙂