Fabric-a-brac is a ridiculously girlie annual event where woman sell their old unused fabric in a hall, some of the proceeds go to charity. Kat offered my photographic services to the organiser in case I managed to fluke a good shot that would get used as some sort of publicity thing.

Overall I was pretty disappointed with the photos I took and the experience itself was weird. A very crowded room full of strangers (95% female) is about as far from my normal photographic zone as possible.

I asked the organiser what she wanted and she wanted to capture the busyness of the event as well as people interacting.

Here’s my favourite photo from the event.

To try and caputre the busyness I took a bunch of photo’s at 1/4 shutter speed to get motion blur. Most the shots come out fully blurry due to camera shake so I used continuous shooting and shot about 3 at once, idea being that I might get one usable one. In this particular shot it worked really well because the two woman are in focus and holding still while everything around them is in motion.

Used my LX3 for this. Learnt that for close quarter stuff like this the round the shoulder strap and attached lens cap are really annoying since they just dangle and get in the way. Will take them off and risk loosing lens cap (nothing that can’t be replaced). They make sense for walk-around cities all day but otherwise they’re just annoying