Monthly Archives: October 2011

Back to basics

I’ve had a lull in my photography for a couple of weeks because I was doing work in photoshop instead of just taking photos. Photosop is great for making your photos look better, but it’s not photography. It’s not getting out to different places and looking at light and different perspectives. It’s just not as fun or as memorable. Photoshop will not make you better photographer. Also it feels too much like work.

Back of parliament

I needed to get back to basics. I took my trusty Ixus 130 for a little walk during lunch up to parliament to grab a few shots. I found this area at the back of parliament where there’s a very nice lawn and some seats where people eat their lunch.

Since I’m not doing any photoshop, I set the camera to vivid colours + cloudy white balance. Whatever comes out of the camera is what I use. Aaah, simple pleasures in life 🙂

Front yard

Light was very nice around 5.30pm, decided to grab a few shots in the front yard. Definitely back to basics 🙂

This first show is of clover which is backlit, meaning that the sun in in front of me and therefore behind the subject. When vegetation is backlit it often shines through showing off subtle details.

The second show is a close-up shot of a something growing on our trellising shot against a lovely blue sky. I was initially attracted by the little red jewel like details on it.

Though upon closer inspection it turn out that the little red jewels aren’t part of the plant – they are insects! Loads of them! Click on the image to get a close up view.

I wonder if the insects know that it’s Halloween tonight?

Boathouse, Evans Bay Parade

I was part way through a 23km long board around Wellington bays on a beautiful sunny day when I saw this boat house and I just had to take a quick stop to photograph it. I was attracted to it’s unusual, vivid colours. As a bonus got a nice reflection from the water. Makes me wonder how the stilts it stands on are driven in to the ground below it.

Two female longboarders went past me in the other direction while I was taking this which was really unusual, I’ve been along this road a few time but never seen other longboarders there. It’s also rare to see girls on longboards. Good on them 🙂