Remapping acer euro key

(note this no longer works if you upgrade the bios — on my todo list to find out what the new char codes are)

My Acer 4250 came with rather annoyingly and pointlessly placed euro + dollar keys ‘inside’ the cursor key area.

Being a script monkey, I figured it would be rather useful to remap these keys to delete + backspace.

After much googling, the answer is to:

a) edit C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\MMKEYBD.CFG

comment out a couple of lines with “;” so that they look like this :

;Key 19 = 1,E0,33,E0,B3,F508,Euro Symbol
;Key 20 = 1,E0,34,E0,B4,F509,Dollar Symbol

this prevents acerware from hijacking these keys for its own purposes!

then download and install

change the default script so that it reads


add autohotkey to your startup folder, reboot and viola! remapped keys 🙂

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